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Surveillance of the public using CCTV is more needed now than ever before, in both public and private places. At Cabling Hub, we pride ourselves in our workmanship, innovations, and use of the latest digital technology available. As a leading security camera installation company in Toronto, Cabling Hub will design a multifaceted system to meet all your sophisticated technological needs. All our technicians have vast experience with modern security camera systems and an excellent service track record.

Installing a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system can be complicated. From a simple stand-alone access system that enables an operator to monitor remotely from a control room to a fully networked PC based access system that is capable of transmitting signals from multiple places to multiple users, you can count on our security camera installation service. Improper security camera installations are far more common than one might think. A large portion of our estimates are basic assessments of current poorly installed security camera systems. It can be tough to choose the installer that will provide you with the highest quality installation service with so many unqualified and poor installers out there. There are many aspects of security camera installation.

Security Camera System Design & Support

Benefits of Installing CCTV Security System

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Security Camera System

Benefits of Installing a Security Camera System:

Security camera equipment is often used in such places as industrial developments to observe the development of parts and products from a central control room, especially when the environment is not suitable for humans. A security camera system can be set to operate continuously or only as required. With more advanced equipment and features, extras can also be added to the security system, like digital video recorders (DVRs), motion detection, and email alerts.

More recently, completely stand-alone operations have been developed that are efficient. They can consist of decentralized IP-based CCTV cameras, support recording directly to network-attached storage devices or internal flash. For your security camera needs, advanced equipment is now available with very long recording times and recording can be continuous, scheduled, or by motion detection. Also available is the CMS client application for the Windows operating system, which is extremely advanced and a multi-functional tool designed for remote video surveillance. There is even CMS mobile software available for most PDA phones including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, PDA phones, and Blackberry phones.

Why Cabling Hub is your Best Option?

The type of security camera system that we design and implement for you or your business will be customized to your specific needs. Whether you need crime prevention surveillance or a premise monitoring system, Cabling Hub is the smartest security camera installation choice. In Toronto and the surrounding areas, we offer stellar service and install security camera systems that are flexible and capable of adapting to social changes. As a company at the forefront of the CCTV industry and a leader in security camera system design, Cabling Hub has experience in all types of CCTV installations. We can custom tailor a security camera system to any budget or application and our supreme team will help you decide on the best system for your security needs.

Free Site Survey for Security Camera Installation

Visiting your site for an evaluation is free of charge and completely confidential. Your requirements are unique to your environment, so viewing the premises is essential to the proper planning and design of a security camera system. Our professionals can help you evaluate pre-built systems or a unique security camera system can be created and installed. In addition to security camera systems, such technology as intercoms, access control, and gate automation systems are our specialty. Whether you have an older security camera system that is no longer working properly, want to upgrade or need a brand-new CCTV installation, we are happy to discuss our services and products available.

All of our security-camera systems use only quality, high-resolution cameras which result in a great picture for viewing and ease of use in domestic, commercial to major construction sites. Through the use of monitored CCTV systems, we have already dramatically reduced some of our major client’s annual security budgets at a variety of property types; such as retail premises, educational establishments, manufacturing industries, offices, banks, shopping malls, hospitals, and more.

To learn more about how you can benefit from the Security Camera Installation Service provided by Cabling Hub, contact us online or just call +1 (416)273-7615 and talk to our experts.

Quote for Security Camera Installation

Need an estimate for security camera Installation Service? Cabling Hub’s experienced sales team can provide you with a free estimate for security camera installation, cabling, and security system design service. Compare and choose the best! A full site survey if needed would be undertaken before we provide any fixed costs for the installation.

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